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Purchased Pardot or Hubspot and stuck on next steps? With multiple implementations under my belt, I can handle all of the preliminary set up, template creation, and database imports (with help from your IT teams for domain settings) needed to get you up and running.


Short staffed, or simply looking for an outsourced resource to execute your campaigns? From email sends to list management to workflow creation and optimization, I will work with your team to make sure that everything launches on time and without issues.


In the beginning or even late stages of using a marketing automation platform and not seeing the results you expected? I can audit your system to find where things are broken and help build and improve your operations to ensure maximum effectiveness.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with members of the ALX team for over 4 years now. They’ve been key in keeping our businesses in-tune with modern marketing techniques, and ultimately always produced results.

Ken Henderson, Head of Business Operations

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